Hazel and Dave Greene are available for a variety of workshops for schools, child care centers, church groups, or conferences.

• Choosing Shoes
A workshop focused on teaching children how to spot a good choice and empowering them to do so.

• My Tricky Brain
Teaches children the difference between helpful and unhelpful thoughts.

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A funny look at impulse control, and a lesson in programing new methods into our organic computing system for controlling those nearly impossible to control…  Well, you get what I mean…

• The Care and feeding of your neurotypical.
A look at how neurotypical persons are viewed by those on the Autism Spectrum; A lesson in tolerance.

• Newly diagnosed.
Life after the diagnosis of a loved one.

• Pathways to Success©
A Behavior Management Program developed to help children overcome behavior challenges and find the “Path to Happier.”


Please contact Hazel & Dave at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details on these workshops and other presentations.