I am a mother of two children with special needs, from Autism, ADHD, Anxiety disorders, Depression, to Auditory Processing Disorder. Working with the different school systems has been a huge challenge. There are things I do know, however being able to understand, explain, and have a school implement the things I know my children need is no easy task. Also, it is very challenging when your emotions are so heightened.


The Hope Springs Advocates were an answered prayer. Mrs. Greene is a passionate advocate. She is available when I need her, takes my children's needs seriously, is respectful, and very efficient. From the first conversation I felt at ease with her. My anxiety and stress levels went down because I knew I had a wonderful person who knew the law, treated my children with the care they deserved, and took time to listen to what I as a mom had to say.


I have never in the ten years I have been dealing with the schools had an advocate like Mrs. Greene. I highly recommend her and the Hope Springs Advocates to any parent. You will not find more caring or knowledgeable Advocates.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for my precious children.