We are a family with a lot of labels.  We are a family, a blended family, who has had to struggle through sleepless nights, endless doctor visits, meltdowns, discrimination, ARD meetings, and cried a river of tears for our children. We are the Greene Family.

Father of our brood, has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He was diagnosed as an adult when his son was.

Now 19, Nat was diagnosed with PDD/NOS when he was three. He has a long way to go, but has come so far. He is gifted in art and music. He is a warm and loving young man.

Andy has multiple disabilities, and is on the autism spectrum as well. He has had many obstacles to overcome. He is just ten years old, with so much of his life ahead. Andy is a science whiz, and loves animals.

That's me!  I'm the mom with severe ADHD, and have had to struggle to learn my whole life.

Together, we are one big family with a lot of different abilities!


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